Squatters’ Standoff: Sovereign Citizen Group Takes Over Arkansas Property, Prompting FBI Investigation

In a gripping turn of events, a sovereign citizen group known as the Moorish National Republic has sparked a tense standoff in Arkansas, as they defiantly occupy a property owned by someone else. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with local authorities, has been tirelessly working to combat the rise of squatters who have targeted derelict boats along the coast. However, this latest incident has taken the situation to a whole new level.

The investigation into this audacious act of squatting began in August 2023, when the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office received reports of a couple who had moved into an RV and an “enclosed property” that did not belong to them. The pair wasted no time in establishing their presence, constructing a permanent structure, digging a septic line, installing solar panels, and even stockpiling large amounts of water.

Despite numerous eviction notices and warnings from law enforcement, the couple, identified as Chris Foiles and Stedman, refused to vacate their RV setup. Claiming allegiance to the Moorish National Republic, a sovereign citizen group notorious for its confrontations with authorities, they presented law enforcement with a false legal document asserting that the land was sovereign property and that they could not be forced to leave.

The situation escalated on Thursday, Jan. 25, when a large group of law enforcement officials executed a search warrant on the squatters’ property. The arrest of Foiles and Stedman was carried out without incident, although they initially refused to identify themselves. The male suspect eventually revealed his name as Saleem Yosiyah YisraEl.

During the search, authorities discovered multiple vehicles on the property with fictitious license plates, raising suspicions of illegal activities. Further investigation revealed evidence of scams being conducted from the RV, involving the Postal Service and several thousand dollars’ worth of Iraqi currency. As a result, the FBI has been called in to investigate the alleged fraudulent documentation and cybercrimes.

This gripping standoff between law enforcement and the Moorish National Republic has captivated the nation, as the boundaries of property rights and the influence of sovereign citizen groups are put to the test. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office, along with their counterparts in Arkansas, are determined to combat this growing trend of squatters and ensure that justice is served.

As the investigation unfolds, the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of this high-stakes confrontation. Stay tuned for more updates on this riveting true crime story.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. As a blog commenter, my personal goal related to this topic is to stay informed about the situation and its outcome. I plan to follow any updates or developments regarding the standoff between the Moorish National Republic and the property owner in Arkansas. I believe it is important to understand the motivations and actions of sovereign citizen groups, as well as the legal implications and potential consequences of their actions. By staying informed, I hope to contribute to a more informed and nuanced discussion surrounding this issue.

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