Spain Soccer Federation President Luis Rubiales Accused of Sexual Abuse in Women’s Soccer

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Image Credit: Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

Spain Soccer Federation President Luis Rubiales is facing accusations of sexual abuse in women’s soccer. Rubiales allegedly forcibly grabbed and kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the World Cup award ceremony. This incident has shed light on the ongoing cultural and player safety issues in women’s soccer, including sexual abuse and harassment.

Numerous professional soccer players, including Borja Iglesias and Hector Bellerin, have called for Rubiales to resign or be removed from his current role. The Spain Women’s Soccer team has refused to play until Rubiales is removed. United States player Alex Morgan has expressed disgust over Rubiales’s behavior and the lack of action by the Spanish Soccer Federation.

This incident highlights the larger issue of abuse within women’s soccer, which has been a longstanding problem both domestically and internationally. In the United States, an independent investigation in 2022 revealed a culture of rampant and unchecked abuse of players by coaches and team management in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). The investigation found instances of sexual coercion, sustained harassment, and power dynamics that hindered players’ ability to report their experiences safely.

Leadership within the sport plays a crucial role in shaping organizational culture. Coaches and team executives are responsible for creating an inclusive environment for players, employees, and fans. However, obtaining head coach positions in soccer comes with added obstacles, making it difficult for change to occur at the top levels. The allegations against Rubiales and the broader issue of abuse in women’s soccer highlight the need for systemic change and a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all players.

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