South Korean Woman Found Dead in Trunk of Car Likely Beaten by Cult to ‘Exorcise Demon Spirit’

The lifeless body of Sehee Cho, a South Korean national, was found decomposing in the trunk of a car in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The shocking details surrounding her death have sent shockwaves through the community, as it appears to be the result of a twisted cult known as the “Soldiers of Christ.”

According to prosecutors, Cho, 33, was lured to the Atlanta area by this religious organization under the guise of finding solace after a traumatic experience. Little did she know that she was stepping into a nightmare orchestrated by two South Korean brothers, Joonho Lee and Junyeoug Lee, who led this fanatic group.

For weeks, Cho was held captive in a basement by seven individuals, mostly family members, who subjected her to unimaginable horrors. Reports suggest that she was beaten with a belt, submerged in ice baths, and starved to death. The extent of the brutality inflicted upon her is beyond comprehension.

Law enforcement authorities, who discovered Cho’s lifeless body in September 2023, believe they have apprehended all the members of the “Soldiers of Christ.” However, the revelation of this cult’s existence has sent shockwaves through the predominantly Korean community in Gwinnett County, Georgia, known as “The Seoul of the South.” Experts in cult activity warn that there may be more groups operating in the shadows across the country.

Joonho Lee, the alleged founder of the “Soldiers of Christ,” claimed to have received direct instructions from God, a disturbing trait commonly associated with cult leaders. Dr. Steve Hassan, a renowned expert on fanatical sects and a mental health professional, who himself escaped a Korean cult in the 1970s, believes that the allegations surrounding Cho’s death align more with cult activity than a street gang.

The initiation process into this cult involved brutal physical abuse, as evidenced by video footage of Joonho beating Cho with a belt and subjecting her to ice baths. When Cho expressed her desire to leave, she was met with resistance from the group. According to investigators, one of the alleged co-leaders, 15-year-old Junyeoug Lee, chillingly declared, “There is no quitting this program.”

Dr. Hassan speculates that Cho’s murder may have been an exorcism attempt, as doubts and a desire to leave the cult were seen as non-conformity. The cult leader’s twisted logic dictated that beating the body or starving the person would drive out their spirit.

Disturbingly, Dr. Hassan reveals that there are thousands of similar cult-like groups operating in the United States, each with their own names and leaders. Many of these splinter groups consist of fewer than 25 members and are led by individuals who either grew up in a cult without receiving proper counseling or left to form their own cults.

The control tactics employed by these cults include starvation, sleep deprivation, and restricting access to information and former cult members. The aim is to suppress critical thinking and instill an irrational fear of questioning the leader or their doctrines.

As the investigation unfolds, seven individuals have been arrested in connection with Cho’s death. Joonho Lee, Junyeoug Lee, Juoonhyum Lee, Mihee Lee, Gawom Lee, Hyunji Lee, and Eric Hyun face charges of murder, false imprisonment, tampering with evidence, and concealing the death of another.

The shocking revelation of this cult’s existence and the heinous crimes committed within its ranks serve as a stark reminder of the dark underbelly that can lurk within seemingly ordinary communities. The search for justice and the dismantling of these dangerous cults must continue to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This tragic incident highlights the importance of effective law enforcement and forensic investigation techniques in solving crimes and bringing justice to victims. In this case, the discovery of Sehee Cho’s decomposing body in the trunk of a car demonstrates the crucial role that forensic experts play in determining the cause of death and gathering evidence to identify the perpetrator.

    Forensic investigation techniques, such as autopsies, DNA analysis, and fingerprint analysis, will likely be employed to determine the cause of Sehee Cho’s death and gather any

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