Skimming Devices Found at Market Basket Stores in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Police across five cities are investigating a series of credit and debit card skimming incidents at Market Basket supermarkets in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, as well as a Walmart in Concord, New Hampshire. The affected Market Basket locations include Concord and Nashua in New Hampshire, and Haverhill, Reading, and Somerville in Massachusetts.

Authorities have warned shoppers to be vigilant following the discovery of skimming devices, which are designed to steal sensitive card information by jamming chip readers and prompting customers to swipe their cards. Concord Deputy Police Chief John Thomas explained that the stolen data is often sold and used to make duplicate cards for fraudulent purchases.

Surveillance footage showing suspects wearing surgical masks and Scally caps has been released by Concord Police. In Reading, police reported a suspect distracting store clerks while an accomplice installed the skimming device. Thomas advised consumers to check card readers for any irregularities, noting that skimming devices can be easily detached.

The investigation revealed that these crimes typically involve a group targeting busy stores, particularly during high-spending periods. Several victims have already reported stolen information, prompting police to urge anyone who shopped at these stores in the last two weeks of October to review their bank statements for any suspicious activity.

Lou Nightingale
Author: Lou Nightingale

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