Six Years Later, Justice Served: Conviction Handed Down in Shocking Hit-and-Run Murder Case

Justice has finally been served in a chilling hit-and-run murder case that has haunted the Santa Clara community for six long years. Troy Alexander Moulton, the man responsible for the death of 24-year-old Barrett Grabow, a promising law student at Santa Clara University, has been found guilty of murder, gross vehicular manslaughter, and driving without a license.

The tragic incident occurred on February 23, 2018, at the intersection of Park Avenue and Newhall Street. Moulton, behind the wheel of his 1997 Toyota Camry, struck Grabow, who was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk. Instead of stopping to render aid, Moulton callously chose to swerve his car in an attempt to dislodge the gravely injured Grabow from his windshield. Shockingly, home-security footage captured the heart-wrenching moment when Moulton physically pulled Grabow into the car through the shattered windshield before unceremoniously dropping him onto the sidewalk.

Grabow was rushed to a hospital but tragically succumbed to his injuries three days later. The senseless and heartless actions of Moulton left a grieving family and a community in shock. However, after years of waiting, the family can finally find some closure as the jury delivered a murder conviction against Moulton.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen expressed relief, stating, “Finally, after six years, this young man’s long-suffering family has some closure. Finally, this community sees some justice. And finally, this defendant will see jail time for his senseless and heartless actions.”

Moulton, now 62 years old, is scheduled for sentencing on April 5 and remains in custody without bail at the county Main Jail in San Jose. The investigation revealed that Moulton was driving at a speed of approximately 50 miles per hour, well above the posted limit, when he ran a stop sign and struck Grabow. His reckless actions and disregard for human life were further compounded by the fact that he was driving without a license.

This is not the first time Moulton has found himself on the wrong side of the law. In 2008, he made headlines when he was convicted of possessing a destructive device. Authorities discovered 15 homemade explosives in his Honda, which he claimed to have taken from someone attempting to dispose of them at a local dump. The explosives, wrapped in butcher paper and leaking black powder, required the intervention of a bomb squad to safely detonate them.

As the community grapples with the shocking details of this case, it serves as a reminder of the importance of justice and the devastating consequences of reckless actions. The conviction of Troy Alexander Moulton brings some solace to a grieving family and a community seeking closure after enduring six years of uncertainty and pain.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. “Justice has finally been served in a chilling hit-and-run murder case that has haunted the Santa Clara community for six long years.”

    This quote resonates with the post because it highlights the importance of justice being served after a prolonged period of time. The fact that the hit-and-run murder case haunted the Santa Clara community for six years indicates the impact it had on the people involved. The quote signifies that closure has been achieved, bringing relief and a sense of justice to the community.

    In many cases,

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