Six Arrested in New York for Illegal Importation of Goose and Duck Intestines from China

Six individuals were apprehended in New York City on Tuesday for their alleged involvement in an illicit operation that imported goose and duck intestines from China. The accused individuals are facing charges related to the illegal importation, storage, and sale of hundreds of pounds of prohibited food items, including duck blood and hawthorn fruit, between August 2022 and May 2023.

According to federal officials, the scheme involved the transportation of these restricted food items from China to California, and subsequently to New York, where they were distributed to various customers, including restaurants. The defendants are accused of employing deceptive tactics such as concealing the contraband under packaged rattlesnakes or mislabeling them as pet grooming products on customs forms.

The complaint, filed on Monday, highlights that the importation of raw poultry products from China is strictly prohibited under federal law. Additionally, the importation of hawthorn fruit from China is also subject to restrictions.

In August 2022, customs records indicate that 1,966 cartons of goose and duck intestines were shipped from China to the Port of Long Beach. To evade detection, these cartons were falsely declared as nail clippers and other pet grooming products. Subsequently, the contraband was transported to Los Angeles International Airport and flown to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York via a major U.S. air carrier’s cargo service.

In a separate incident in November 2022, another shipment of illegal poultry products was falsely labeled as frozen seafood. Some of the restricted items were even concealed beneath packages containing deceased rattlesnakes, according to authorities.

The six individuals arrested in connection with this operation are expected to appear in federal court in Brooklyn later today. Messages seeking comment from their attorneys have been sent but remain unanswered at this time.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. As an animal lover and advocate for ethical treatment of animals, my personal goal is to support and promote initiatives that protect wildlife and prevent illegal wildlife trade. This incident involving the illegal importation of goose and duck intestines from China highlights the need for stricter regulations and enforcement to combat such activities.

    In order to contribute to the cause, I plan to educate myself and others about the consequences of wildlife trafficking, including the impact on endangered species and the environment. I will actively support organizations that work towards combating illegal

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