Shopkeeper Fends Off Knife-Wielding Robber with Cardboard Box in Malvern, England

A shopkeeper in Malvern, England, bravely defended himself against a knife-wielding robber using a cardboard box. Soran Sharifi, 45, was working behind the counter when the armed robber entered his shop on August 26. The assailant demanded cash, but Soran refused to comply. In response, the robber pressed the knife against Soran’s chest and threatened to kill him. Thinking quickly, Soran grabbed a nearby Evri parcel and used it as a shield to push the robber back.

Despite being pushed back, the robber retaliated by throwing bottles of gin towards Soran. During the altercation, Soran sustained a cut on his hand. However, he managed to overpower the assailant and chased him briefly with the heavy parcel. Soran recognized the attacker as a customer of his store and let him go.

The incident was reported to West Mercia Police, who are currently conducting investigations to locate the offender.


Author: CrimeDoor

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