Shooting Incident Occurs at Chicago White Sox Game

A shooting incident took place during a game between the Oakland Athletics and the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago on Friday night. The shooting occurred in the left-field bleachers, causing concern among some fans. Details regarding the incident have not been released by the police, and the White Sox have not provided any comments. Tom Miller, an attendee at the game, reported that he was sitting two rows behind where the shooting occurred. Although he did not witness the incident, he noticed a woman bleeding from the leg shortly after. Miller believed that two, possibly three, individuals sustained injuries. Security promptly intervened and evacuated the affected area. White Sox security guards were observed speaking to people following the incident. Some attendees claimed to have seen shell casings in the stands near the shooting location. The game continued without interruption.

After the game, a message appeared on the ballpark screen announcing the cancellation of the post-show concert featuring Vanilla Ice and Tone Loc, citing “technical difficulties” as the reason. Fans who had patiently waited through the White Sox’s 12-4 loss to the Oakland A’s expressed frustration and confusion due to the sudden cancellation and lack of information. Attendee Rod Moyers stated that the cancellation was met with boos and derogatory remarks from the crowd. The situation escalated, with some suggesting storming the field and chants of “Sell the team!” echoing throughout the stadium.

A Chicago police spokesperson confirmed the occurrence of a “shooting incident” at the game but did not provide further details.

Author: CrimeDoor

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