Shohei Ohtani Gets New Interpreter Following Alleged Gambling Scandal

Shohei Ohtani Gets New Interpreter Following Alleged Gambling Scandal

Shohei Ohtani, the Japanese baseball sensation, has swiftly appointed a new interpreter, Will Ireton, just one day after his longtime collaborator, Ippei Mizuhara, was fired by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mizuhara’s termination came amidst allegations that he had misappropriated millions of dollars from Ohtani to cover his own gambling debts. The Dodgers’ manager, Dave Roberts, confirmed the appointment of Ireton as Ohtani’s new interpreter during a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, where the team was opening the MLB regular season with a two-game series against the Padres.

Ireton, who previously served as Kenta Maeda’s interpreter from 2016 to 2019, remained with the Dodgers even after Maeda was traded to the Twins. This experience makes him a suitable replacement for Mizuhara, who had worked with Ohtani for years, both with the Angels and the Dodgers. Mizuhara was not only Ohtani’s interpreter but also considered a close friend of the superstar.

The unfolding scandal involving Ohtani and Mizuhara has captivated the sports world due to its surreal nature. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, Mizuhara allegedly used Ohtani’s funds to place bets with an alleged illegal bookmaker named Mathew Bowyer. The report further stated that Ohtani had sent $4.5 million in wire transfers to a Bowyer associate to cover Mizuhara’s debts. However, an ESPN report later revealed that an Ohtani spokesperson disavowed Mizuhara’s comments, leaving the situation unclear.

Mizuhara, when approached by ESPN, had claimed that Ohtani had decided to pay off his debts as a gesture of support and to ensure that he would not engage in such behavior again. Mizuhara expressed remorse for his actions, stating that he had no knowledge of the illegality of his gambling activities and vowed to never participate in sports betting again. The bets allegedly involved various sports, including international soccer, but there have been no accusations of betting on baseball.

In response to media inquiries, Ohtani’s legal representation, the West Hollywood law firm Berk Brettler, revealed that Ohtani had fallen victim to a significant theft and that they would be involving the authorities. The Dodgers, aware of the media reports, confirmed the termination of interpreter Ippei Mizuhara but declined to comment further at this time.

As the investigation into this scandal continues, Ohtani remains focused on his baseball career, with the appointment of Will Ireton as his new interpreter ensuring that he can effectively communicate with his team and the media. The Dodgers, too, are gathering information regarding the situation.

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