Shocking Twist: Former Cop Faces Second Felony Charge for Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Black Man

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In a stunning turn of events, a former police officer finds himself in deeper legal waters after state prosecutors tacked on a second felony charge in connection with the fatal shooting of an unarmed Black man. Alexander Tyler, a white ex-officer from Shreveport, Louisiana, was arraigned on Monday, facing charges of first-degree negligent homicide and now felony malfeasance.

The tragic incident unfolded earlier this year when Tyler and another officer responded to a domestic disturbance call made by Alonzo Bagley’s wife. A fateful encounter would soon escalate into an unimaginable tragedy. Body camera footage, a chilling testament to the events that would transpire, shows the officers knocking on Bagley’s door, causing him to retreat into his apartment. In a desperate attempt to evade the situation, Bagley rashly leaps off a second-floor balcony. It is here that the unthinkable occurs.

With a swift, almost robotic response, Tyler catches Bagley mid-air only to discharge his weapon, firing a single shot that strikes the unarmed man in the chest. The video further captures the haunting moments that follow, as fellow officers frantically try to keep Bagley alive while administering first aid. A scene that no viewer can easily forget.

The Louisiana State Police, responsible for investigating police-involved shootings, initially charged Tyler with negligent homicide on February 16, just weeks after the tragic incident unfolded. Now, a new twist in the legal saga has emerged, as Tyler faces a second felony charge of malfeasance in office, which carries a potential prison sentence of up to 5 years.

Speaking on behalf of Tyler, defense lawyer Dhu Thompson expressed disappointment in the additional charge while maintaining their preparedness to present the facts to an impartial jury. With a sense of anticipation, Thompson eagerly awaits their day in court, ready to defend his client against these grave accusations.

Beyond the courtroom drama, the impact of this heart-wrenching incident has reverberated through the lives of Bagley’s grieving family. Seeking justice, they have launched a $10 million lawsuit against Tyler, the officer who resigned from his position in March. Ronald Haley, a prominent Louisiana attorney, has taken up their cause, previously representing the family of Ronald Greene, whose death in police custody in 2019 led to legal action against law enforcement officers.

The alarming events that unfolded in Shreveport serve as a chilling reminder of the grave consequences that can arise from the misuse of power. As the legal battle unfolds, the nation watches intently, holding its breath, yearning for justice, and praying that no more lives are lost in the pursuit of truth.

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