Shocking Testimonies Unveiled in San Jose State Athletic Trainer Abuse Trial

Explosive details emerged today in the ongoing trial of Scott Shaw, the former head athletic trainer accused of sexually abusing female student-athletes at San Jose State University. Testimonies from two brave women shed light on the disturbing incidents that took place within the university’s athletic department.

Caitlin Macky, the first athlete to come forward with allegations 14 years ago, passionately testified, demanding justice for the abuse she endured under Shaw’s care. In chilling detail, she recounted how he brazenly violated her during treatment. The memory of Shaw’s fingers deliberately walking across her breast and intruding into her underwear to place stimulation pads in 2009 still haunts her. The alarm bells inside her body unmistakably sounded when he crossed the boundary into her nipple area.

A former volleyball player also spoke out, sharing her traumatic experience with Shaw around 2008. Disturbed by his inappropriate actions, she immediately fled the training room, bursting into the practice gym to confront her team. The shock she felt when she realized she had been forcibly subjected to breast massage for a shoulder injury is etched in her memory. Shockingly, despite two coaches being present, no action was taken.

In court, Shaw pleaded not guilty to multiple federal civil rights charges, accusing him of willfully depriving four female student-athletes of their constitutional rights to bodily integrity. If convicted, he could face up to six years in jail. However, prosecutors have now revealed that the charges against Shaw only cover incidents that occurred within the past five years, limiting their case.

The passionate testimony of Macky, backed by two other former teammates who sat in the gallery as advocates, highlighted a distressing pattern of abuse within the university’s athletic department. Remarkably, an internal investigation conducted in 2010 cleared Shaw of any wrongdoing, dismissing his actions as legitimate “trigger point” therapy. His continued employment at San Jose State, even after numerous complaints, left Macky with a sense that her concerns were not being taken seriously.

Under cross-examination, defense lawyer Dave Callaway attempted to discredit Macky’s account by suggesting she embellished the details for revenge. However, she emphatically denied this, standing by the accuracy of her recollection. Macky’s decision to speak out publicly in 2020 resulted in a powerful exposé by USA Today, which ultimately led to the resignation of the university president and athletic director in 2021, as well as substantial settlements for the victims.

To support the prosecution’s case, additional witnesses testified that the inappropriate touching of athletes’ private parts was not part of normal treatment. Former athletic trainer Laura Alexander, now a senior associate athletic director, affirmed Shaw’s methods deviated from acceptable standards, confirming she would never treat female athletes in the same manner. Several male athletes also shared their experiences, noting the stark contrast in Shaw’s treatment between genders.

As the trial nears its conclusion, these horrifying revelations continue to rattle the sports community at San Jose State University. The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case soon, after which Shaw’s defense will present their witnesses. The jury could begin deliberating as early as Friday afternoon.

The scars left by Scott Shaw’s alleged actions remind us of the importance of safeguarding the rights and well-being of every athlete. The trial aims to bring justice for the victims and spark a crucial conversation about ensuring the dignity and safety of student-athletes across the nation.

Author: CrimeDoor

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