Shocking Police Dog Attack Unfolds as Officer Ignores Warning

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A jaw-dropping incident occurred in Circleville, Ohio, when an officer allowed his police dog to viciously attack a truck driver who had surrendered with his hands raised. Shockingly, despite the urging of State Highway Patrol troopers to hold the dog back, the officer decided otherwise. The entire altercation, which took place on July 4th, was captured on a police body camera, leaving viewers horrified and demanding answers.

The initial pursuit began on state highway 35 when state troopers attempted to stop a commercial semitruck for lacking a mudflap. However, the truck driver, Jadarrius Rose, 23, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, failed to comply and continued driving, leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase. The Ohio State Highway Patrol incident report revealed the truck had also failed to stop for an inspection.

As the situation escalated, the Circleville Police Department was called for assistance, bringing in a K9 police dog. Rose, who is Black, initially defied orders to exit the vehicle and later refused to get on the ground, as recorded on the Highway Patrol incident report and body camera footage. Eventually, with perseverance, Rose dropped to his knees and raised his hands in surrender, but the ordeal was far from over.

The State Highway Patrol troopers off-camera could be heard shouting repeatedly, urging the officer to hold back the dog despite Rose’s clear cooperation. Unfortunately, Officer Ryan Speakman of the Circleville Police Department ignored their pleas and released the canine, which promptly attacked Rose. The troopers’ desperate cries to get the dog off the truck driver filled the air as he howled in pain, pleading for mercy.

Following the distressing assault, Rose received medical treatment for the dog bites he sustained. Authorities charged him with failure to comply, but he has yet to comment on the incident. Benjamin Partee, the attorney identified as Rose’s legal representation, did not respond to requests for comment either. The mysterious motive behind Rose’s refusal to stop for inspection and police remains unclear. However, Rose expressed gratitude that the shocking incident was recorded, claiming that what the video displayed was an accurate representation of the events that unfolded.

Released audio recordings of 911 calls made by Rose to the Ross County Sheriff’s Office unveiled his fear and confusion during the pursuit. He alleged that the officers were “trying to kill” him and expressed a lack of security in pulling over. Dispatchers repeatedly advised Rose to stop and comply with the police while reassuring him that the officers had no intentions of harming him. Jeffrey Marks, the Ross County Prosecutor, commented that charges were filed based on the events that transpired in the county and that a review of the case’s materials would determine any potential charges brought forth to the grand jury. However, Marks clarified that his office had no jurisdiction over whether Officer Speakman faced charges due to the incident happening outside their county.

This shocking incident has left the public and law enforcement agencies puzzled. Several Ohio agencies are now investigating the officer’s actions to understand why he ignored the State Highway Patrol troopers’ warnings and ordered the dog to attack an already surrendered suspect. As the case unfolds, demanding justice and accountability, society eagerly awaits the outcome of the investigations, hoping that this disturbing incident does not define the course of justice in Circleville.

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