Shocking Abduction of German Steakhouse Heiress’ Children Amidst International Custody Battle

Two children of Christina Block, heir to the Block House steakhouse chain, were reportedly abducted in Denmark during New Year’s celebrations. The incident occurred in Gravenstein at approximately 12:15 a.m. on Monday, according to local authorities. The children, Klara, 13, and Theodor, 10, were with their father, Stephan Hensel, at a cafe when the abduction took place.

Danish police reported that a group of men assaulted Hensel and forcibly took the children into a vehicle. The getaway involved two cars, both registered in Germany. Following the incident, German federal police increased border security near Gravenstein, which is close to the German border.

The Hamburg police department is currently leading the investigation into this matter. The kidnapping is suspected to be linked to an ongoing custody dispute between Block and Hensel, who have been in legal disagreement over their children since summer 2021. Their oldest daughter, Johanna, 17, resides with Hensel, while their middle child, Greta, 15, lives with Block in Hamburg.

As of now, neither Block nor Hensel has made a public statement regarding the abduction.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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