Seven-Year Mystery Unveiled: Burial of Alleged Homicide Victim Sparks Trial Drama

The long-awaited burial of Adam Messier, the victim of an alleged homicide, has set the stage for a dramatic trial that promises to unravel a seven-year mystery. The Superior Court of Guam became the center of attention as Curtis Blas, Donavan Carriaga, and Brandon Flaherty appeared before Judge John Terlaje to address a crucial motion that would finally lay Messier to rest.

The haunting disappearance of Messier in 2017 left his friends and family desperate for answers. However, it wasn’t until 2021 that a woman came forward, revealing a chilling truth. Messier had allegedly been killed by Blas, Carriaga, Flaherty, and the now-deceased Jason Alianza. The revelation led to murder charges against the three men, who have been awaiting trial for over two years.

Throughout this arduous process, Messier’s body remained unburied, caught in a web of legal proceedings. The Office of the Attorney General had sent DNA evidence to the FBI for analysis, causing further delays. However, with no objections from the defendants, Judge Terlaje granted permission for Messier’s burial, marking a significant step towards closure.

As the trial looms on the horizon, it appears that Blas will face the courtroom alone, while Carriaga and Flaherty may be severed from the case. Blas’s attorney, Sam Teker, confirmed his intention to file a motion for severance, a move supported by prosecutor Sean Brown. Another complication arises from Flaherty’s need for legal representation. Attorney Rodney Jacob was appointed during the hearing, but doubts lingered about his suitability for the case, given his primary focus on civil matters. Judge Terlaje expressed concerns that even if Jacob takes the case, he will not be ready for trial within a week.

The charges against Blas, Carriaga, and Flaherty stem from the brutal attack on Messier in 2017. According to court documents, Flaherty held Messier down while Carriaga and Blas subjected him to a vicious beating and strangulation. The men confessed to disposing of Messier’s body in a large trash bag, a chilling detail that adds to the gravity of the alleged crime.

With the trial set to commence in the coming weeks, the courtroom will become a battleground of truth and justice. The revelation of Messier’s remains at a ranch in Yigo in October 2021 served as a grim reminder of the horrors he endured. Now, the accused will face the consequences of their alleged actions, and the truth behind Messier’s tragic fate will finally be unveiled.

As the world watches, the trial promises to be a gripping spectacle, filled with twists and turns that will captivate the public’s attention. The search for justice for Adam Messier has been a long and arduous journey, but with the trial on the horizon, the truth may finally come to light, bringing closure to a seven-year-old mystery that has haunted the community of Guam.

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  1. The burial of Adam Messier is like the final puzzle piece being placed on a table, ready to be solved. It’s the beginning of a gripping courtroom drama that will slowly unravel the intricate web of a seven-year mystery, much like a skilled detective methodically untangling a complex knot.

  2. The post discusses the burial of Adam Messier, a victim of an alleged homicide, which has now paved the way for an upcoming trial. This trial is expected to shed light on a mystery that has remained unsolved for seven years.

    My insights: It is tragic that it took seven years for Adam Messier to receive a proper burial. The fact that his death is being treated as a homicide adds an even more somber tone to the situation. The upcoming trial will hopefully provide answers and closure to

  3. I remember reading about the Adam Messier case when it first made headlines seven years ago. It was a shocking and tragic story that captivated the entire community. The details were sparse at first, but as the investigation unfolded, it became clear that this was no ordinary crime.

    Adam Messier was a well-liked and respected member of our community. He was known for his kindness and willingness to help others. So when news broke that he had been the victim of an alleged homicide, it sent shock

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