Serial Thieves Target Shoppers at St. David’s Shopping Center in Radnor Township

Radnor Township, Pennsylvania – Radnor Township Police are on the hunt for a group of serial thieves who have been targeting shoppers at St. David’s Shopping Center. Over the course of December 2023 to the end of January, five incidents have been reported, prompting authorities to launch an investigation.

One of the victims, Lise Corson from Newtown Square, shared her harrowing experience at HomeSense on January 30. Corson found herself cornered and trapped by three individuals who appeared to be shopping alongside her. In a matter of seconds, one of the culprits managed to steal her wallet without her noticing. It was only when Corson attempted to check out that she realized her wallet was missing.

Corson promptly reported the theft to the police and was surprised to learn that she was not alone. Another woman approached them, recounting a similar incident that had occurred to her girlfriend just a few days prior. The Radnor Township Police are now seeking a woman and two men who were spotted driving a white Jeep with a South Carolina license plate numbered 3028RU.

Superintendent Christopher Flanagan of Radnor Township Police warned that the thieves operate swiftly, targeting high-end establishments like the Apple Store or jewelry stores. They aim to complete transactions before victims have a chance to react or even realize what has happened.

Despite the unsettling incidents, Corson expressed her determination to continue shopping at St. David’s Shopping Center. However, she emphasized the importance of remaining cautious and advised others not to assume safety from theft solely based on the location.

In their efforts to apprehend the suspects, Radnor Township Police are collaborating with the Upper Merion Police, as Corson’s credit cards were used at the Apple Store in King of Prussia Mall.


Author: CrimeDoor

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