Serial Law-Breakers Walk Free Despite Pattern of Criminal Activity

Serial Law-Breakers Walk Free Despite Pattern of Criminal Activity

Manolo De Los Santos, a 35-year-old leftist zealot and co-executive director of The People’s Forum, was arrested for disorderly conduct at an anti-Israel encampment at the Fashion Institute of Technology. This arrest follows his previous involvement in protests where he called for the destruction of Israel and participated in blocking traffic on bridges while chanting derogatory slogans against the NYPD, KKK, and IDF. Surprisingly, both previous arrests resulted in mere summonses, leaving no lasting impact on his record.

Similarly, James Carlson, a 40-year-old self-proclaimed anarchist and son of millionaire ad execs, has a lengthy rap sheet dating back to 2005. Carlson was recently arrested for his alleged role in rioters’ vandalism and occupation of Columbia’s Hamilton Hall. Additionally, he faces charges of criminal mischief for destroying a camera inside a holding cell and a hate crime, assault, and petit larceny for allegedly striking an Israel supporter with a rock during an April protest.

These individuals, far from being students, have established themselves as serial law-breakers, consistently engaging in criminal activities aimed at causing chaos and promoting hate. The question arises: why do they continue to walk freely through the revolving door of New York’s justice system?

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, known for his creative approach in charging an ex-president, should apply the same level of seriousness and creativity in investigating, charging, and prosecuting these career agitators. Their actions not only disrupt the lives of ordinary New Yorkers but also pose a threat to public safety.

Considering the pattern of criminal activity exhibited by De Los Santos and Carlson, it is imperative to explore the possibility of conspiracy charges. By holding these individuals accountable for their actions, the justice system can send a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Author: CrimeDoor

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