Serial Attacker ‘Ice Pick Nick’ Arrested After Years of Terrorizing East Village

Serial Attacker ‘Ice Pick Nick’ Arrested After Years of Terrorizing East Village

In a significant development, Nicholas Babilonia Jr., commonly known as “Ice Pick Nick,” has been apprehended and incarcerated after years of terrorizing the East Village community. The arrest came after Babilonia allegedly threatened a person with what appeared to be a firearm and subsequently attacked them with a metal pipe. The assailant narrowly missed his target, according to criminal court records.

Babilonia, a mentally ill individual with a lengthy criminal record boasting 37 arrests, has long been a source of concern for both experts and locals. The fact that he managed to repeatedly assault and harass individuals in the neighborhood highlights the flaws in the city’s revolving-door system for dealing with violent mentally ill individuals, according to outraged community members and experts.

Retired NYPD detective and John Jay College adjunct professor Michael Alcazar expressed his frustration, stating that the system is broken and unable to decide how to handle individuals like Babilonia. Alcazar suggested that if someone is both violent and emotionally disturbed, they should be kept in a hospital. He emphasized that someone is clearly dropping the ball in this case.

Residents have been vocal about their encounters with Babilonia, recounting instances where he threatened their lives. One resident, Garrett Rosso, encountered Babilonia in July 2021 when the assailant charged across Avenue C and attempted to stab him with an ice pick. Babilonia allegedly attacked Rosso again on May 1, threatening to kill him and his dog. Despite repeated calls to the police, Babilonia managed to evade arrest.

Babilonia’s own family members have taken measures to protect themselves from his violent behavior, including installing facial recognition security systems in their apartment buildings. His father, Nicholas Babilonia Sr., expressed his frustration with the lack of help available for individuals like his son, emphasizing that he cannot control him.

Babilonia’s extensive arrest history spans three decades and includes charges such as drug possession, vandalism, and menacing. In a June 8, 2023 incident, he threatened his sister with a pipe on Avenue C after she bought him food. Babilonia was taken to the hospital for observation but was subsequently released. Despite video evidence of his violent behavior, police responding to an incident involving Babilonia on Avenue C merely stated that he would be sent for medical evaluation. The next day, he was back on the street.

On May 4, Babilonia brandished a knife at customers seated in an outdoor dining shed at Royale but fled before the arrival of the police. The restaurant owner reported that Babilonia was spotted outside the establishment the following morning, prompting another call to the authorities. However, Babilonia was not arrested.

The failure to provide Babilonia with the necessary mental health treatment through the courts is a concern raised by Lance Fletcher, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. Fletcher explained that if the defendant disagrees with the need for mental health treatment, they are presumed innocent, and the prosecutor must prove the charges against them. Penalties in such cases typically involve jail time or probation, but not mental health treatment.

An NYPD spokesperson confirmed that the Commanding Officer for the 9th Precinct is working with various community partners to ensure resources are available for Babilonia.

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  1. The post highlights the arrest and imprisonment of Nicholas Babilonia Jr., also known as “Ice Pick Nick,” who had been causing fear and distress in the East Village community for an extended period of time.

    My insights: It is a relief to see that law enforcement has finally apprehended Ice Pick Nick and put an end to his reign of terror. The East Village community can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are safe from his threats and violence. This arrest serves as a reminder of the

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  3. This is indeed a significant development. I would be interested to know the author’s thoughts on the impact of this arrest on the East Village community. Do they believe that the apprehension of Nicholas Babilonia Jr. will bring a sense of relief and safety to the residents? Additionally, I would like to hear their opinion on the role of law enforcement in addressing such cases and ensuring the well-being of the community.

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