Sentence Reduction for Dutch National in High-Profile Canadian Cyberbullying of Amanda Todd

A Dutch man, Aydin Coban, had his sentence reduced by an Amsterdam court from 13 years to six years. Coban, convicted in British Columbia for crimes including extortion and harassment, was linked to the case of Canadian teenager Amanda Todd, who took her own life in 2012 following online blackmail.

Coban, born in 1978, was extradited from the Netherlands to Canada in 2020 to face trial. He was absent from the recent Amsterdam District Court hearing where his sentence was announced. His lawyer, Robert Malewicz, stated plans to appeal the decision to the Dutch Supreme Court.

The extradition agreement stipulated that Coban’s sentence would be served in a Dutch prison, requiring the conversion of the sentence imposed by the British Columbia Supreme Court into Dutch legal terms. Dutch prosecutors had proposed a reduction to four-and-a-half years, considering time already served in Canada and the sentencing guidelines in the Netherlands.

Despite not accounting for his time in Canadian custody, the court imposed the maximum sentence of six years. Coban is currently serving an 11-year sentence in the Netherlands on similar charges involving 33 other victims. The newly imposed sentence will begin after the completion of his current term next year.

Malewicz criticized the Canadian sentence as excessively high and argued for minimal additional prison time, if any. The case gained widespread attention, particularly in Canada, after Amanda Todd’s video detailing her experience with cyberbullying went viral, highlighting the issue’s severity.

Coban was convicted in British Columbia of various charges, including communication with a young person to commit a sexual offense and possession and distribution of child pornography. Canadian Justice Martha Devlin, in sentencing Coban, noted the significant impact of his actions on Amanda Todd.

Chris Morris
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