Search Intensifies for Missing California Man Emilio Ghanem Amid Fears of Foul Play

Search Intensifies for Missing California Man Emilio Ghanem Amid Fears of Foul Play

The family of Emilio Ghanem, a 40-year-old man missing since May 2023, is confronting their worst fears as his disappearance in the Inland Empire region remains unsolved. Emilio, known for his two-decade-long dedication to the His Way Spirit Led Assemblies church and employment at Fullshield Incorporated, relocated to Nashville before vanishing on a visit back to California.

In a heartfelt plea for any information, Emilio’s sister Jenny expressed to KTLA the haunting concern that has gripped the family: “My biggest fear is that he’s dead… who just disappears out of thin air?”

Emilio’s transition away from his church and employer in April was seen by his family as a positive move, with Jenny recalling, “He was ready to start his new life… turn over a new leaf.” However, during his trip to the Inland Empire for business related to his new Nashville-based pest control venture, Emilio disappeared after being seen at a Starbucks in Redlands.

Police confirmed that a rental vehicle associated with Emilio was last detected by a license plate reader in Colton, after which there have been no further sightings. His personal belongings were left untouched at his Airbnb rental.

In a twist that adds to the complexity of the case, Fullshield Incorporated issued a cease-and-desist letter to Emilio, accusing him of competition and defamation two weeks prior to his disappearance. Despite outreach to former colleagues and church members, the family has been met with silence, deepening their concern.

“We just want to find him,” said one of Emilio’s sisters, amidst growing suspicion and fear for his wellbeing. The family’s desperation is compounded by the lack of leads and responses from associated parties.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Kyle Hanna from the Redlands Police Department at 909-798-7580. Emilio’s family continues to hold onto hope, urging the public to assist in providing closure.

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