School Bus Driver Arrested for Alleged Drunk Driving with Students On Board

School Bus Driver Arrested for Alleged Drunk Driving with Students On Board

A school bus driver in Westborough, Massachusetts, was arrested on Thursday morning for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol with students on board. The incident unfolded during the driver’s morning route, prompting concerned reports from witnesses. Westborough Police Chief Todd C. Minardi confirmed that the department received these reports and swiftly took action.

The driver, identified as 51-year-old Jane Welch from Marlborough, was apprehended near 135 East Main St. shortly after officers made contact with her. Chief Minardi expressed gratitude to those who reported their concerns and collaborated with the police throughout the process, emphasizing the importance of their vigilance in ensuring the safety of the community’s children.

Online court records reveal that Welch is facing multiple charges, including operating under the influence of liquor (second offense), negligent operation of a motor vehicle, child endangerment while operating under the influence, and three counts of possessing a controlled substance. It remains unclear whether she has legal representation available to comment on the charges.

According to a report filed in Westborough District Court, officers were dispatched to the Park Village West apartment complex at approximately 7:16 a.m. after a school bus company reported that one of its drivers appeared to be slurring their words before boarding a bus. The company representative informed the police that other drivers had expressed concerns about Welch and had advised her not to proceed with her duties.

The company managed to establish communication with Welch via the bus radio and instructed her to stop and pull over. When an officer approached the bus and Welch opened the door, the officer detected a slight odor of an alcoholic beverage, as stated in the court document. At the time, there were approximately 25 to 30 children on board. The officer observed alleged slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and glassy eyes from Welch, according to the report.

During the booking process, Welch reportedly refused a breath test. Additionally, officers conducting an inventory of her belongings allegedly discovered three different types of pills stored in an Advil container. The court filing also revealed that Welch had previously faced an operating under the influence charge in 2000, although the outcome of that case was not specified.

In response to the incident, Westborough Public Schools Superintendent Amber Bock issued a letter to the school community expressing outrage and assuring them that Welch was arrested before driving away with the children. Bock demanded a thorough investigation into the bus company’s procedures and emphasized her support for the district’s bus drivers as a whole.

NRT Bus, the company employing Welch, promptly terminated her employment and is fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation. A spokesperson for NRT Bus expressed deep concern over the allegations, emphasizing the critical importance of student safety.

While Bock acknowledged the distressing nature of the incident, she maintained faith in the district’s dedicated team of drivers and urged continued support and understanding during this challenging time.

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  1. While it is certainly concerning and unacceptable for a school bus driver to be driving under the influence of alcohol with students on board, it is important to remember that this incident does not reflect the behavior of all school bus drivers. It is unfair to generalize and assume that all school bus drivers are irresponsible or prone to such behavior.

    The vast majority of school bus drivers take their responsibilities seriously and prioritize the safety of the students entrusted to their care. They undergo rigorous training and background checks to ensure they are qualified and

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