Savannah Police Department Expands Camera System with Fusus Software

Savannah Police Department Expands Camera System with Fusus Software

The Savannah Police Department is enhancing its crime monitoring capabilities by implementing Fusus, a new software that connects over 600 cameras in the city. Assistant Police Chief Robert Gavin states that Fusus will integrate various live camera systems, including third-party cameras, to effectively track criminal activities. The software allows real-time access to any connected camera during ongoing crimes. Additionally, Fusus will link with other police department software, such as Shot Spotter. Despite the annual cost of $150,000, Gavin believes the investment is worthwhile in expanding surveillance capabilities.

To alleviate concerns about interacting with the police, Savannah residents and businesses with camera systems can choose to opt-in and allow the Savannah Police Department (SPD) access to their cameras when crimes occur in the area. SPD plans to create a website similar to Connect Atlanta, where individuals can register their cameras by providing their email, address, and location. A detachable box will be provided to mount onto the camera system, and participants can easily disconnect from the program by unplugging it. Gavin assures that SPD will only access third-party cameras and solely for crime-related purposes.

Gavin emphasizes that Fusus acts as a mirror, copying and storing footage as it streams through the system. The SPD aims to roll out Fusus to the community within the next month, expanding their surveillance network and enhancing their ability to track down individuals involved in criminal activities.


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