Santa Barbara Police Refer Case to District Attorney Following Viral Video Incident

Santa Barbara police have requested the county district attorney to consider filing trespassing, battery, and hate crime charges against a woman involved in a viral video altercation with a construction worker. The incident, which occurred inside a house being worked on by Luis Cervantes, was captured on video and shared widely on social media.

In the video, Jeanne Umana can be heard making statements that were criticized as racist. The Santa Barbara Police Department launched an investigation into the incident and subsequently referred the case to the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office for further consideration.

The video shows Umana claiming that her association with the police makes her actions permissible, to which Cervantes responds by stating that he will call the police. Umana then makes derogatory remarks about Cervantes’ nationality, leading to a heated exchange. The video appears to show Umana slapping at Cervantes’ phone.

The video sparked outrage in the community, resulting in a protest outside Santa Barbara police headquarters. Demonstrators called for Umana’s arrest. In an interview with The Times, Umana expressed remorse for her behavior and apologized for her statements, acknowledging that she had lost control in the heat of the moment.

The Santa Barbara County district attorney’s office has not yet commented on the case.

Author: CrimeDoor

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