Sandals Resorts Exec and Colleague Caught in Violent Brawl, Resulting in Job Loss

A shocking incident unfolded in Lowman’s Hill, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as a Sandals Resorts executive and his colleague lover engaged in a violent brawl, leading to the termination of their employment. The altercation occurred on March 2, when Rafael de Vasconcelos, the art curator for Sandals, attacked Eugene Staal, the hotel chain’s chief development officer, on a highway in the Caribbean country.

Footage of the incident, which has since been widely circulated, captured de Vasconcelos shoving Staal into a concrete ditch along the highway. He proceeded to mount Staal and repeatedly pummel him, while a black car idled in the middle of the road. After the assault, de Vasconcelos drove away, leaving Staal to recover and walk along the highway.

The motive behind the dispute remains unclear, with sources speculating that alcohol consumption may have played a role. Witnesses described the attack as brutal, expressing surprise that Staal was able to regain his feet and walk after the assault. Staal received medical treatment following the incident.

Staal, a seasoned hospitality executive with previous experience at Hyatt and Penta Hotels, had joined Sandals in 2022. De Vasconcelos, who previously worked as a fraud analyst for Apple in Lisbon, Portugal, had recently joined the company in January.

In the aftermath of the video’s circulation within the company, de Vasconcelos was asked to resign, which he promptly did. Subsequently, on March 11, Staal resigned for personal reasons, as stated in an email sent to Sandals executives.

Sandals Resorts confirmed the departure of both Staal and de Vasconcelos but declined to comment on the specific reasons behind their resignations. The incident has caused embarrassment among higher-level employees within the company.

As the investigation continues, authorities have yet to determine the exact cause of the altercation. Staal and de Vasconcelos have not responded to requests for comment.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, this post really grabbed my attention with its intriguing opening line! The use of the word “shocking” immediately piqued my curiosity and made me want to read more. Great job in creating a sense of suspense and drawing the reader in right from the start. Keep up the excellent work!

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