San Jose Police Arrest Two in Connection with Romanian Organized Crime Spree

3 women appear to rob San Jose grandparents in broad daylight home invasion.

San Jose police have arrested two suspects, Mogos Constantin, 35, and Renaldo Vaduva, 19, in a crackdown on a surge of Romanian organized crime in the city. The suspects are linked to about 25 crimes reported between July and October, involving armed carjacking, armed robbery, and Facebook Marketplace scams.

The arrests followed an investigation into various crimes, including jewelry robberies and scams targeting the elderly in the Asian and Indian communities. Police say the suspects, part of a group, would engage victims in conversation, thank them, and then subtly exchange their jewelry with fake items. Additionally, they have been posing as contractors, roofers, or plumbers to gain access to homes.

Evidence connecting Constantin and Vaduva to these crimes, along with $13,000 in cash, was seized during searches in San Jose and Livermore. Officers also found evidence related to jewelry swap scams, credit card skimmers, and money laundering. Both suspects were arraigned on Thursday.

The police department emphasized the rise in Romanian organized crime, often involving women dressed in traditional clothing described as Middle Eastern or Indian. These individuals have been using distraction tactics to steal valuables, as seen in several recent cases. In one instance, a San Jose tailor shop lost a family vault worth up to $150,000 to women using this strategy. Other cases involved home invasions and theft of significant amounts of jewelry.

Josh Benjach, whose grandparents were victims of a similar crime, expressed relief at the arrests. One victim recognized one of the arrested suspects, reinforcing the belief that these organized crimes would now be curtailed.

San Jose Police Department’s robbery and financial crimes units continue investigating these crimes. The public is urged to report suspicious activities resembling these crimes and to exercise caution when dealing with unexpected visitors, like supposed plumbers or electricians.

Author: CrimeDoor

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