Russian Woman Sleeps with Mummified Husband for Four Years, Police Say

A Russian woman identified as Svetlana, aged 50, has been discovered to have slept with the mummified corpse of her husband for nearly four years. Police have revealed that Svetlana also engaged in occult rituals inspired by an ancient Egyptian god.

The bizarre series of events unfolded in the village of Starosiverskaya, located in the Leningrad region of Russia. The 49-year-old husband, Vladimir, reportedly collapsed and died following a domestic dispute in December 2020. During the argument, Svetlana allegedly expressed her desire for his death. Ignoring her husband lying motionless on the floor for four hours, she believed he was pretending until their eldest daughter realized something was amiss.

Rather than seeking help or notifying authorities, Svetlana forbade her children from discussing their father’s demise, threatening to send them to an orphanage or a mental health facility if they disobeyed. She then wrapped Vladimir’s lifeless body in a blanket and placed it in their shared bedroom.

The shocking discovery was made by social workers who visited the family’s residence to check on the welfare of Svetlana’s four children, aged 11, 8 (twins), and 17. Astonishingly, the mummified remains of Vladimir had gone unnoticed during previous visits by caseworkers throughout 2021.

The Russian Investigative Committee for the Leningrad region has confirmed that there were no signs of trauma on Vladimir’s body, suggesting no foul play. However, a search of the cluttered house uncovered various mystic items, including an Egyptian cross found near the mummified husband, tarot cards, amulets, and images of animal skulls. One of the bedrooms had been transformed into a makeshift shrine dedicated to Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god associated with funerary rites and the underworld.

Svetlana, who had claimed her husband was in Tibet receiving alternative medical treatment, had allegedly performed rituals to preserve his body instead of arranging a proper burial, stating it was what Vladimir would have wanted. It is worth noting that Svetlana had a long history of psychiatric observation due to a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia. She worked part-time as a veterinarian, with her daughter assisting her in surgical procedures conducted at their home.

Following the disturbing discovery, Svetlana and her four children were taken to a hospital for evaluation by mental health professionals. The Investigative Committee has stated that any charges in this case will be determined based on the results of forensic medical examination and further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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  1. Wow, this is truly a bizarre and shocking story! I can’t believe someone would engage in such unusual behavior. It’s important to remember that everyone copes with grief differently, but this definitely seems extreme.

    I think it’s crucial to raise awareness about this story, as it sheds light on the complexities of human psychology and the different ways people deal with loss. I would be more than happy to share this post on my social media accounts or even on my own website to help promote it and spark

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