Roman Polanski Denies Woman’s Sexual Assault Accusation from 1973

Roman Polanski Denies Woman’s Sexual Assault Accusation from 1973

Renowned director Roman Polanski has officially denied allegations made by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her at his home in 1973. In court papers filed with Santa Monica Superior Court, Polanski’s attorney cited multiple defenses, including the violation of the statute of limitations and the fact that the plaintiff’s damages are based on speculation and conjecture. The attorney also argued that the woman accuses Polanski of a crime, sexual battery, that was not established as law until 1990.

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, alleges that she met Polanski at a party in 1973, the same year he filmed “Chinatown.” According to the lawsuit, Doe states that Polanski invited her to dinner and served her tequila shots at his Benedict Canyon home, knowing she was underage. They later went to a restaurant where more tequila was consumed. Doe claims that she began feeling ill and went to the restroom, after which Polanski followed her outside and drove her back to his house.

Doe recalls waking up in Polanski’s bed and refusing his request for sex. Despite her plea to stop, the lawsuit alleges that Polanski removed her clothes and sexually assaulted her, causing significant physical and emotional distress. Polanski then drove Doe home, and she claims to have never seen him again.

This is not the first time Polanski has faced such accusations. In 1977, he pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse involving a 13-year-old girl, Samantha Geimer. Geimer later settled a lawsuit against Polanski in 1993. Other women, including Renate Langer, Marianne Barnard, and Valentine Monnier, have also come forward with allegations against the director.

Polanski’s attorney has requested that Doe’s case be dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning it cannot be refiled, and that Doe receives no compensation from Polanski. A case management conference is scheduled for January 16, 2023.


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