Rogers, Arkansas Man Receives Three Consecutive Life Sentences for Child Rape

Rogers, Arkansas Man Receives Three Consecutive Life Sentences for Child Rape

A Rogers, Arkansas man, Bellot Doucoure, 43, has been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for multiple counts of child rape. Doucoure was arrested in July 2022 and initially pleaded not guilty to three counts of rape and three counts of second-degree sexual assault. The sexual assault charges were later dropped.

According to an affidavit, the Rogers police were called on July 12, 2022, to investigate a rape report involving a 16-year-old victim. The victim stated that Doucoure had been forcing her to have sex with him since three months after her 16th birthday in 2021. She further revealed that the incidents had occurred repeatedly.

The affidavit detailed that Doucoure had informed the victim that it was part of their Muslim tradition for him to take her virginity when she turned 16. He allegedly told her that he was supposed to take a picture of the virgin blood and send it in a group message. The victim stated that Doucoure informed her that if he did not take her virginity, she would have to have sex with him until she turned 18. She claimed that he continued to engage in sexual acts with her several times a week, totaling over 20 times.

During the investigation, Doucoure denied having sex with the victim but mentioned that, according to his religion, he was supposed to have sex with her as a punishment for a sin she committed. He also stated that he went against his religion by not doing so, as lying and drinking alcohol were against his beliefs. Doucoure further revealed that he had multiple phones set up as video cameras throughout his house.

Doucoure had initially been held on a $300,000 bond but requested a reduction to $50,000. Prior to his trial, he and his legal team filed motions to prevent the use of the term “victim,” deny the victim the use of an emotional support animal during her testimony, and allow Doucoure to wear a stun belt throughout the trial.

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