Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Campaign Calls for Secret Service Protection Following Intruder Arrest Twice on Same Day

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The campaign of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is urging for Secret Service protection after an intruder was arrested twice at his home in Pacific Palisades, California. Security personnel hired by Kennedy’s campaign apprehended the intruder and held him until the police arrived. The individual, identified as Jonathan Macht, 28, was charged with trespassing.

Kennedy, who initially entered the campaign as a Democrat challenging President Joe Biden but later announced his independent run for the White House, was present at his residence during both incidents. The campaign claims to have notified the Secret Service multiple times about the individual.

In a letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Kennedy’s campaign called for Secret Service protection, stating that this was the third formal request made. The letter highlighted concerns about Macht’s behavior, including sending hundreds of emails to the candidate and believing he is being followed by people with harmful intentions.

The campaign also referred to a previous incident in September where an individual was arrested for carrying a loaded firearm and impersonating a U.S. Marshal at a Kennedy event. Kennedy’s campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, issued an open letter to President Biden, emphasizing the historical significance of the Kennedy family’s assassinations and urging reconsideration of the Secret Service protection denial.

The Biden administration has been singled out as the only outlier in not granting early protection to presidential candidates, according to Kennedy’s campaign. The campaign seeks to ensure the safety of the candidate and the electoral process while reducing risks to others in Kennedy’s environment.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Macht’s arrest and subsequent charges. Kennedy’s campaign is actively advocating for Secret Service protection to commence promptly.


Author: CrimeDoor

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