Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Gains Support from Kevin Spacey in Presidential Campaign

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Gains Support from Kevin Spacey in Presidential Campaign

Third-party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered attention for his campaign, with actor Kevin Spacey now joining the list of celebrity supporters. Spacey, who has faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct or assault since the #MeToo movement, expressed gratitude towards Kennedy in a recent tweet. Sharing a campaign ad, Spacey stated that Kennedy had been there for him during his lowest moments and praised him as a fighter for justice. The campaign claims that the video was temporarily blocked by Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta, although Meta clarified that it was mistakenly flagged as spam.

Spacey’s legal troubles stemming from assault allegations appear to be behind him, with two U.S. criminal cases not proceeding and an acquittal in a U.K. trial. He also successfully defended against a lawsuit brought by actor Anthony Rapp. Additionally, Spacey settled an arbitration case related to alleged sexual harassment during the production of the Netflix series House of Cards for a reduced amount.

Kennedy’s association with controversial figures is not new, as he has aligned himself with Hollywood personalities throughout his campaign. Woody Harrelson narrates one of his campaign ads, and Russell Brand, Tony Robbins, Bobby Lee, and Jeremy Piven have all participated in Kennedy’s events or fundraisers. Brand, Robbins, Lee, and Piven have faced allegations of sexual assault or misconduct, which they deny. Comedian Rob Schneider, another Kennedy supporter, faced criticism for his vulgar material during a Republican networking event.

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