Robbery at San Francisco’s Dior Store Near Union Square Results in Arrest of Two Suspects

Robbery at San Francisco’s Dior Store Near Union Square Results in Arrest of Two Suspects

Merchandise was stolen from San Francisco’s Dior store near Union Square in a robbery that appeared to be orchestrated by several individuals on October 12, 2023. The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) responded to the incident on the 100 block of Grant Avenue at 6:49 a.m., before the store had opened. According to Officer Gonee Sepulveda, a spokesperson for SFPD, preliminary investigations revealed that three separate cars stopped in front of the store, with one of the drivers intentionally ramming into the store’s entryway.

Multiple individuals emerged from the cars and swiftly entered the store, grabbing merchandise before fleeing in their vehicles. SFPD broadcasted descriptions of the cars to officers across the department, leading to the sighting of one of the vehicles entering a freeway ramp. The car subsequently crashed, and all occupants fled on foot. Two suspects were apprehended and arrested by officers, but it remains unknown how many others may have been involved in the robbery.

The police department did not disclose the value of the stolen merchandise. Workers were seen repairing the broken door and gate at the Dior store, while security guards stood watch. A neighboring security guard, Femi Tala, mentioned an increase in police presence in the Union Square neighborhood since he started working there two years ago. Tala speculated that robberies now occur during nighttime or early morning hours.

This incident follows previous high-end retail store robberies in San Francisco, including the Gucci store in July and the Louis Vuitton store in Union Square in November 2021.


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