Richmond Man Arrested with Cache of Illegal Firearms and Ammunition

A Richmond man was apprehended by law enforcement officials after a search of his residence uncovered a significant arsenal of illegal firearms and ammunition, according to California Attorney General Rob Bonta. The suspect, who is alleged to be legally prohibited from owning any weapons, was found in possession of nearly a dozen military-style machine guns, 60 assault rifles, and approximately 1 million rounds of ammunition. The discovery of this large cache of suspected illegal firearms occurred on January 31.

Multiple agencies, including the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Firearms and Contra Costa Anti-Violence Support Effort, executed a search warrant at the Richmond residence with the objective of retrieving firearms from a prohibited individual. During the search, agents from the Department of Justice seized the following items:

– Nearly a dozen military-style machine guns
– 60 assault rifles
– Approximately 1 million rounds of ammunition
– Numerous handguns
– High-capacity magazines
– Grenades (later determined to be inert)

Upon the discovery of the grenades, the Walnut Creek Police Department Bomb Squad and Travis Air Force Base Bomb Squad were called in to assess the situation. Fortunately, the grenades were found to be inert and posed no immediate threat.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta emphasized the importance of the Armed and Prohibited Persons System in ensuring community safety. This system identifies individuals who were once legally allowed to possess firearms but have since become prohibited from doing so. Bonta expressed gratitude towards the Bureau of Firearms agents and local law enforcement partners for their efforts in removing these illegal weapons from the hands of a prohibited individual.

The identity of the suspect and the specific location of his residence in Richmond have not been disclosed by the attorney general’s office.

Author: CrimeDoor

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