Residents of Lewiston, Maine Begin Healing Process as Shooter Robert Card Found Deceased

Residents of Lewiston, Maine Begin Healing Process as Shooter Robert Card Found Deceased

Lewiston Police Chief David L. St. Pierre expressed relief that the manhunt for mass shooting suspect Robert Card has come to an end during a news conference held on Friday night. Card was found dead from a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound, confirmed by authorities during the press event. St. Pierre, while acknowledging the relief felt by the community, emphasized that there is much work ahead for law enforcement.

St. Pierre stated, “Our work again is not done here. I was very elated tonight when I got the call from Commissioner Sauschuck advising me of the revelation of what took place and that Mr. Card is deceased and no longer a threat to our community or any other community.”

He added, “I just don’t want to forget the families that are grieving and will continue to grieve. I don’t want to forget the law enforcement officials that have worked tirelessly throughout this whole event to come to a good conclusion.” St. Pierre expressed happiness at being able to confirm that the threat is over.

Furthermore, authorities announced that hunting, which had been restricted in four communities during the manhunt, is no longer prohibited for the weekend.

Attorney General Merrick Garland commended law enforcement for their efforts and pledged continued support for those affected by the mass shooting, stating, “I want to thank our state and local law enforcement partners, along with the FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshals, and other federal agencies who have been working day and night to locate the shooter and keep the affected communities safe.”

Garland also announced that the FBI would continue to provide victim support resources to those impacted by the tragedy in Lewiston. He emphasized the need for the community to receive support following the mass shooting.

President Joe Biden issued a statement in response to the news of the suspect’s death, expressing gratitude for the safety of Lewiston and surrounding communities. He praised law enforcement and called for congressional Republicans to pass gun safety legislation, asserting that “no community should have to endure these mass shootings which have become routine in our country.”

Maine officials have established Family Assistance Centers to support shooting survivors and their loved ones. These centers offer a range of resources, including mental health services, financial aid, spiritual care, and more. The initiative has been launched by Maine State Police in collaboration with the Maine Attorney General’s Office, the Red Cross, and the FBI Victim Services Division.

The primary center, situated at the Lewiston Armory, will remain open for an extended period to accommodate all victims. Law enforcement will be present to address safety and security concerns. Additionally, a separate location at the Ramada Inn will provide mental health assistance for the broader community.

Authorities encourage those affected by the shooting to seek assistance during this period of grief, providing contact information for the Maine Crisis Line, NAMI Maine Helpline, the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, and other resources.

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