Report Reveals Serious Failings at UK Hospitals Enabled Necrophiliac David Fuller’s Crimes

A new report has uncovered “serious failings” at UK hospitals that enabled a necrophiliac to commit sexual abuse on the corpses of over 100 women and girls. The inquiry was initiated by the British government following the conviction of David Fuller, now 69, in 2021 for two 1987 murders and sexual assaults. During the investigation, videos were discovered at Fuller’s home and office, showcasing the sexual abuse he had carried out in the mortuaries of two hospitals where he had worked as an electrician.

The inquiry found that between 2007 and 2020, Fuller committed 140 violations against the bodies of at least 101 girls and women aged 9 to 100. He documented these crimes and stored them on a hidden hard drive containing millions of images of sexual abuse, including child pornography. The report highlighted that there were “serious failings” at the hospitals where Fuller worked, including inadequate monitoring of mortuary visitations and a lack of effective surveillance. Investigators also revealed that senior personnel were aware of problems in the mortuary’s operations as early as 2008.

The 308-page inquiry report stated, “The offenses that David Fuller committed were truly shocking. However, the serious failings at the hospitals, including inadequate monitoring and lack of action, all contributed to the creation of the environment in which he was able to offend. David Fuller’s victims and their relatives were repeatedly let down by those at all levels whose job it was to protect and care for them.”

Author: CrimeDoor

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