Renewed Hope in Decades-Old Aurora Cold Case: Six Clues Could Unravel Mystery

The unsolved murder of 22-year-old William Alonzo Jones, who was fatally shot nearly 40 years ago in Aurora, Colorado, has resurfaced with new promising leads that might finally bring closure to the case. Jones, described as a fun-loving artist with a passion for music, had moved to Colorado seeking a fresh beginning when tragedy struck on May 10, 1987. On that ill-fated evening, while walking down 13th Avenue, Jones was approached by an individual in a car, ensuing in gunfire that left him fatally wounded. Despite witness accounts, the perpetrator has managed to evade justice for decades.

The Aurora Police Department, spearheaded by Detective Jason McDonald, has reopened the investigation, focusing on six crucial clues that might unlock the mystery surrounding Jones’ death.

  1. The suspect’s vehicle was identified as a light blue Plymouth Volare with a white top, produced between 1974 and 1976.
  2. Before the tragic event, Jones was en route to meet an unidentified girlfriend, whose details might hold significance to the case.
  3. A diary, believed to be Jones’, chronicling his daily activities and mentioning a woman named Denise, has come under scrutiny. While the diary contains multiple handwritings, prompting skepticism from the family, it might reveal essential information about the days leading to the murder.
  4. A brawl occurring in November 1986, approximately six months before the murder, might have sown seeds of animosity that culminated in the murder, according to McDonald.
  5. Jones’ funeral expenses were covered by an anonymous benefactor, who might possess critical information relating to the case.
  6. The family speculates that the perpetrator might have been a close acquaintance of Jones’ grandmother at that time.

While the investigation progresses, authorities and the family urge anyone with information to come forward, promising anonymity and a potential reward of up to $2,000. The grieving family, seeking justice for their lost member, implores the community to assist in solving the cold case that has left them in anguish for nearly four decades.

Contact the Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP(7867) or report online to help in the ongoing investigation.

Author: Chris Morris

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