Renewed Hope in Cold Case of Francis Patrick Foley with Discovery of Remains

Renewed Hope in Cold Case of Francis Patrick Foley with Discovery of Remains

The discovery of human remains in Central Queensland has revitalised the investigation into the alleged murder of Francis Patrick Foley, who disappeared nearly 15 years ago. Queensland Police confirmed that the remains found near Rubyvale in July 2022 were identified as those of the 62-year-old Foley.

On December 23, 2008, Foley was last seen returning home from Christmas shopping with a neighbour in Emerald. Following his disappearance, evidence at his residence suggested violent foul play, including an exploded gas bottle and shotgun damage at the front security door. Although extensive inquiries were conducted, encompassing around 100 statements and 150 police inspections, no conclusive connections were made to any suspects.

Mr. Foley, a caretaker at a fossicking area since 2003, had not been involved in gem mining, but was known to own several valuable gemstones. A $500,000 reward has been announced for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for his alleged murder.

Foley’s son, Shaun Charlton, urged the community to assist in bringing closure to the family, stating, “it would mean everything to know what happened and have some closure.”

Detective Senior Sergeant Tara Kentwell expressed optimism about solving the case, encouraging anyone with pertinent information regarding Foley’s whereabouts or actions on the day of his disappearance to come forward. She emphasized the substantial reward as a compelling incentive for potential informants to assist in resolving the longstanding mystery surrounding Foley’s disappearance and suspected murder.

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