Reality TV Star Jenelle Evans Faces Investigation Following Son’s Runaway Attempts

Reality TV Star Jenelle Evans Faces Investigation Following Son’s Runaway Attempts

Reality TV star Jenelle Evans, known for her appearances on the show “Teen Mom 2,” is currently under investigation following her son’s multiple runaway attempts. Jace, Evans’ eldest son, ran away on three separate occasions, prompting concerns about his well-being. During one incident, Jace allegedly told law enforcement that his stepfather, David Eason, had assaulted him, and visible marks were reportedly found on his neck and arm.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that they are investigating the allegations against Evans and Eason. There are claims that video evidence of the alleged assault exists and is in the possession of the authorities. The investigation could potentially lead to charges of assault and neglect against the couple.

Jenelle Evans became a household name after her appearance on “Teen Mom 2” in 2010. She has since appeared in several spin-offs of the series. Jace, now 14, was born in 2009 during Evans’ high school years. His father, Andrew Lewis, was not involved in his son’s life, and Evans’ mother, Barbara, became the legal guardian of Jace.

In March 2023, after over a decade, Barbara gave up her legal guardianship, and Evans regained custody of Jace. Evans also has another son, Kaiser, born in 2014 during her relationship with Nathan Griffith. Custody battles between Evans and Nathan have occurred since their breakup in 2015.

Evans and Eason welcomed their daughter, Ensley, in 2017. The couple has faced controversy in the past, including an incident in 2019 where David reportedly fatally shot the family dog. Evans regained custody of her children in July 2019.

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