Reality Show Crew Captured on Camera During Police Chase

During a police chase in West Covina, California, a reality show crew was captured on camera as they jumped out of a patrol car at the end of the pursuit. The incident occurred last night around 8:30 PM when officers attempted to pull over a reported stolen vehicle. The driver of the vehicle evaded the police, speeding down city streets, running red lights, and narrowly avoiding collisions.

After an hour-long chase, the suspect was finally cornered and apprehended by two patrol vehicles. It was during this moment that a cameraman and audio technician from the reality show crew emerged from an SUV. The cameraman was seen gesturing at the officers while communicating on the phone, resembling a FaceTime call. The crew’s identity is currently under investigation.

Authorities are working to determine which show the crew was associated with and the purpose of their presence during the pursuit.


Author: CrimeDoor

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