Rapper’s Legal Team Fights for Lighter Sentence, Citing Mental Health and Childhood Trauma

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In the ongoing battle to secure a favorable sentencing outcome for rapper Tory Lanez, his legal team is leaving no stone unturned. They recently made a bold move that further showcases their unwavering dedication to ensuring their client receives the most lenient punishment possible in light of his conviction for shooting fellow rapper.

Lanez’s attorneys filed a motion on Wednesday, putting forth a compelling argument for probation and a residential drug treatment program instead of the 13-year sentence sought by prosecutors. They contend that the evidence against Lanez is questionable at best and far from overwhelming. Nevertheless, they propose that if one were to assume his guilt, his psychological, physical, and childhood trauma should be considered as contributing factors to the offense. With this in mind, they advocate for therapy, which would address Lanez’s alleged alcoholism and the deep-seated wounds of his past.

To strengthen their case, Lanez’s legal team enlisted the aid of a prominent psychologist who assessed Lanez and claimed that his alleged alcoholism compromised his ability to manage his emotions and behaviors. The psychologist argued that Lanez’s alcohol use disorder played a significant role in the alleged offenses. Additionally, the team emphasized Lanez’s community involvement, charitable work, and his deep bond with his six-year-old son, all of which would be adversely affected by a lengthy prison sentence rather than probation.

Despite facing daunting odds due to the presence of aggravating circumstances in the case, which would typically render Lanez ineligible for probation, his legal team presses on. They believe that Lanez’s case fits the criteria for an exception under California law, which permits deviations in unusual circumstances. Alternatively, if probation is not granted, they will seek a three-year sentence, highlighting the alleged contradiction between the recommended 13-year sentence and Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s policies.

Scheduled for August 7, the forthcoming sentencing holds significant consequences for Lanez, who faces a maximum sentence of 22 years and eight months, with the potential of being deported to his home country of Canada.

While Lanez’s legal team faces an uphill battle in their quest for a lighter sentence, their strategic maneuvers demonstrate their unyielding commitment to securing the best outcome for their client in the face of a conviction related to a violent crime. The courtroom drama continues to unfold as all eyes turn towards the impending judgment.

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