Rapper YNW Melly Appears in Court Seeking Bond Ahead of Retrial

Rapper YNW Melly has appeared in court today to argue for a chance to be released on bond until his retrial begins. Melly has been in police custody since 2019, facing a double murder charge dating back to the 2017 deaths of two of his friends. His first trial earlier this year ended in a mistrial, prompting the prosecution to express their intent to re-prosecute the rapper.

The motion for Melly’s bond was officially filed, and the court is expected to decide on the matter soon. However, the duration of his potential release remains uncertain, as his retrial is scheduled to commence on October 9. Jury selection for the retrial will take place at that time.

During the first trial, the jury was unable to reach a verdict, resulting in a mistrial. One of the jurors publicly stated, “I believe that he didn’t do it and it wasn’t proved in court. This was a hung jury.” Melly’s supporters have criticized the prolonged period of his custody without a conviction.

As the court considers Melly’s bond request, the rapper’s time at home could be short-lived if the hearing is delayed.

Author: CrimeDoor

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