Rapper Arrested for Murder After Allegedly Detailing Crime in Music Video

Rapper Arrested for Murder After Allegedly Detailing Crime in Music Video

Las Vegas rapper Kenjuan McDaniel, known as “TheBiggestFinn 4800” on YouTube, has been arrested and charged with murder with a deadly weapon and violation of probation. The charges stem from an incident two years ago where McDaniel allegedly shot and killed a man. The arrest took place last week.

In September 2021, Las Vegas police responded to a call and discovered the body of Randall Wallace, who had been fatally shot in the head. Witnesses reported seeing a Black man fleeing the scene in a white vehicle shortly after the shooting. A month later, one of the witnesses came forward with additional information about the shooter, leading to the identification of McDaniel.

Authorities found evidence linking McDaniel to the crime through a music video titled “Fadee Free,” released in July. In the video, McDaniel can be heard rapping lyrics such as “I be the reason why he’s dead” and “we still taunt him when he die.” These lyrics were seen as self-incriminating.

McDaniel is currently being held in jail without bail, and his next hearing is scheduled for September 7. This case highlights a trend in hip-hop where some rappers allegedly detail their involvement in crimes through their music. It is not the first time such incidents have occurred within the genre.

It remains to be seen how the lyrics and music videos will be treated as evidence in court.

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