Ransomware Gang Threatens to Release Nude Patient Photos of Plastic Surgery Patients

A ransomware gang known as Hunters International has targeted a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, threatening to release what they claim are nude patient photos. The group shared four sample photographs on the dark web, along with a post about the targeted doctor and his privacy policy. The post mentioned that the clinic’s patients include top management of various organizations, bloggers, businessmen, influencers, and other individuals. The hackers also stated their intention to release patient emails and suggested that the hack could involve over 248,000 files.

The targeted clinic, which has offices in Beverly Hills and Dubai, has not responded to inquiries regarding the alleged hack. The doctor’s social media profiles do not mention the incident. The FBI recently warned about cybercriminals targeting plastic surgery clinics, using social engineering techniques to extort individuals for cryptocurrency.

This is not the first time a plastic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills has been extorted by ransomware gangs. In June, the cybercrime group ALPHV, also known as BlackCat, threatened to release photos from another clinic in the area. In late 2020, the cybercrime gang REvil similarly threatened to release patient photos after breaching a leading cosmetic surgery company in the U.K.

The amount of money Hunters International is seeking from the clinic in exchange for keeping its data offline remains unknown. The situation highlights the increasing threat faced by plastic surgery clinics and the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the industry.


Author: CrimeDoor

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