Quick-Thinking Jewelry Store Worker Foils Smash-and-Grab Robbery in Manhattan Beach

Surveillance video from a jewelry store in Manhattan Beach, California, captured a swift and practiced group of thieves attempting a smash-and-grab robbery on Saturday afternoon. The entire incident, from the moment the thieves entered the store to their hasty retreat, lasted only 13 seconds. The first thief smashed the glass jewelry cases, while the second grabbed jewelry and placed it in a bin held by the third thief. A fourth thief targeted glass cases on the opposite side, while a fifth carried a second bin. Two employees and a customer watched from a distance.

Within 10 seconds of the robbery, a store worker produced a firearm, surprising one of the criminals. The thieves immediately fled, leaving behind one of their bins and most of the stolen loot. The store worker fired at least one round towards the suspects, but it is unclear if he intended to kill or wound them. The police have made one arrest in connection with the incident.

Manhattan Beach Police Department Chief Rachel Johnson commended the swift and decisive action taken by the police force, emphasizing their commitment to public safety. This incident marks the second time the jewelry store has been targeted by robbers, with the previous incident occurring in August 2014.

The surveillance video provides important context to the initial news reports, highlighting the role of the jewelry store worker in stopping the robbery. The store worker displayed calm and good judgment by refraining from using lethal force, considering the robbers targeted jewelry rather than people. The incident underscores the importance of the right to bear arms in protecting ordinary citizens.

Author: CrimeDoor

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