Queens Pup Survives Stray Bullet Wound in Howard Beach Home

Queens Pup Survives Stray Bullet Wound in Howard Beach Home

Arya, a 6-year-old Pomeranian and Husky mix, narrowly escaped death after being struck by a stray bullet while inside her Howard Beach home. The incident, believed to be the result of a teenager playing with handguns next door, has left the community outraged.

The Murena family, owners of Arya, were at home when they heard a crash in their living room. Initially, they found no visible damage, but soon discovered Arya whimpering on the couch. Unaware of the cause, they rushed her to the vet, only to be informed that she had been shot.

Further investigation revealed a bullet hole in one of the windows, prompting the family to contact the police. Two bullet holes were also discovered in the neighboring house, where a resident informed investigators that her son had recently fled. The woman had found a pair of handguns in the house and hid them in her kitchen freezer out of panic.

The son, identified as 18-year-old Joshua Marte, was later apprehended. During questioning, Marte made a spontaneous utterance, expressing that he had not intended to harm anyone, according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny.

Arya, although expected to survive, is still unable to walk after undergoing surgery to remove the bullet. She remains in the hospital, where veterinarians have advised that she cannot eat or walk yet.

Al Murena, Arya’s owner, expressed his sadness over the incident, as he and Arya spend their days together at home. The community, including local dog owners, shared their outrage at the incident, emphasizing the potential danger it posed to both pets and children.

Neighbors called the incident a foolish accident, highlighting the importance of responsible gun ownership and storage. They expressed relief that the bullet did not strike anyone sleeping in the bedroom, but acknowledged the severity of the situation.

The presence of a teenager with a gun in the neighborhood raised concerns among residents, questioning why such a young individual would possess a firearm. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of irresponsible gun use.

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