Property Manager Charged with Assault on Children at Greensboro Apartment Complex

63-year-old Kimberly Jennings of Greensboro is facing charges of simple assault on two children under the age of 12. The incident took place at the Sedgefield Gardens Apartments, where Jennings serves as the property manager. The alleged assault on two Black children has sparked widespread outrage and a call for justice.

According to 11-year-old Jace Eury, he and his sister Jayla were enjoying a day at the complex’s pool when Jennings unexpectedly attacked his sister. Showing undeterred bravery, Jace stood up for his sibling and retaliated by playfully splashing water at Jennings. This escalated the situation further.

Reports indicate that Jennings responded by dousing Jace with a bottle of Coca-Cola and hitting him twice with the same bottle. The disturbing incident was caught on camera and quickly circulated online, generating a significant public outcry.

Jace and Jayla’s mother, Jae Eury, expressed her gratitude for the support received but insists that justice must be served for her children. She expressed frustration about the unequal treatment in the justice system, noting that if she were to retaliate, the consequences would undoubtedly be severe. Jae Eury emphasized that her children had faced ongoing harassment throughout the summer, preventing them from enjoying a simple activity like swimming during the hot weather.

Following the incident, the Greensboro Police Department swiftly responded to the scene, obtaining warrants for Jennings’ arrest within hours. The property manager was promptly taken into custody and is currently detained at Guilford County Jail. Authorities are actively investigating the case to ensure fairness and uncover any additional evidence.

Jace and Jayla’s family is calling for Jennings’ immediate termination from her position as property manager. They also plan to pursue legal action against both Jennings and the property management company responsible for Sedgefield Gardens Apartments.

The powerful video evidence and the overwhelming public support stand as a testament to the collective demand for justice. While the outpouring of support has uplifted Jae Eury, it has also fueled her anger, given the unwarranted mistreatment her children endured.

As this shocking incident continues to unfold, the community remains committed to demanding accountability and ensuring the safety of its residents, particularly vulnerable children. Only time will tell if the appropriate measures will be taken to address this distressing situation, but the support from the public serves as a reminder that injustice will not be tolerated.

The story serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding the well-being of our children and ensuring that those who perpetrate harm face the consequences of their actions.

Author: CrimeDoor

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