Progress Made in Recovering Stolen Bronze Plaques Across Los Angeles County

Investigators in Los Angeles County are reporting progress in the recovery of stolen bronze plaques that have been taken from various locations across the region. The Los Angeles Port Police announced on Tuesday that two stolen plaques were recovered during a routine traffic stop. Since early December, numerous bronze plaques, which serve as historical markers, have been forcibly removed from memorials, including the American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial and a plaque honoring the Japanese American fishing community imprisoned during World War II on Terminal Island in San Pedro.

During the traffic stop, the L.A. Port Police discovered a cemetery marker stolen from a site in Long Beach and a plaque taken from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Long Beach. Dionzay Tisby, Brittany Draper, and Deona Jackson were subsequently arrested on suspicion of grand theft. Authorities believe that these individuals may be connected to additional thefts, and further charges could be filed as the investigation progresses.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Tim McOsker, representing the district that encompasses the Harbor area, expressed his dismay over the thefts, describing them as “heartbreaking” and a “great disrespect” to the fishermen and industries that built the ports. Efforts are underway to replace the stolen plaques if they cannot be recovered, with McOsker collaborating with port officials to facilitate the restoration.

The Los Angeles Port Police is leading the investigation, which extends beyond their jurisdiction. In January, over 100 bronze plaques were stolen from Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery in Carson, and metal plaques were stolen from Woodlawn Memorial Park in Compton. Additionally, in Manhattan Beach, a large bronze plaque commemorating the history of racism faced by the Bruce family, who sought to establish a beach resort for the Black community in 1912, was pried off its base.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Great job on reporting the progress made in recovering the stolen bronze plaques in Los Angeles County! It’s important to highlight the efforts of investigators and their dedication to solving these crimes. Keep up the good work in keeping the community informed about local law enforcement efforts.

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