Previously Deported Honduran National Charged with Two Murders in Nashville, TN

Previously Deported Honduran National Charged with Two Murders in Nashville, TN

Kevin Castro-Garcia, a 31-year-old Honduran national previously deported from the U.S. on two occasions, has been charged with two separate murders in Nashville. Authorities discovered a “badly burned” body inside a car set on fire and another decomposing body in the trunk of a different vehicle.

On September 27, the body of 37-year-old Elmer Nahum Miranda-Martinez was found in a torched car on Franklin Limestone Road. Nashville Metropolitan Police believe he was shot to death before being placed in the car’s trunk. The motive behind this killing is still under investigation.

Additionally, on October 7, police charged Castro-Garcia with the murder and abuse of a corpse in relation to the discovery of 26-year-old Brandon Rivas-Noriega’s body in a car trunk off Rural Hill Road. Rivas-Noriega, a Nashville resident, was reported missing by his mother on October 5 after he sent texts suggesting he was in danger and required money. Two days before this, he was last seen driving a 2015 Ford Focus.

Detectives found evidence pointing to a residence on Fanning Drive in Antioch, where they located the owner’s manual for the Ford Focus, Rivas-Noriega’s driver’s license, and paperwork linked to the Rural Hill Road property. At that property, a Ford Focus was found behind an abandoned trailer containing Rivas-Noriega’s remains. An autopsy confirmed the identity and revealed multiple gunshot wounds. Notably, several of the victim’s tattoos had been excised.

Castro-Garcia is currently held on a $1.01 million bond. Records indicate he was deported from the U.S. in both 2010 and 2018.

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