Postal Worker Robbed at Gunpoint in Dublin, California

Postal Worker Robbed at Gunpoint in Dublin, California

A 63-year-old postal worker in Dublin, California, is recovering after being robbed at gunpoint in a shocking midday attack. The incident, captured on surveillance video, occurred around 4:30 p.m. in a residential neighborhood east of San Francisco. The victim, a 33-year veteran of the US Postal Service, was in the process of delivering mail when she was approached by two masked assailants.

In the video footage, a masked man dressed in black can be seen running up to the postal worker from behind, grabbing her, and pointing a gun at her head. Another masked individual quickly joins in, surrounding her. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, recounted the terrifying ordeal to FOX 2, stating that the assailant demanded her keys, threatening her life. Fearing for her safety, she complied and handed over her keys. The assailant then demanded her phone, giving her a two-minute ultimatum.

The victim, overwhelmed with fear, managed to stay calm throughout the ordeal. After the robbers fled the scene on foot, taking her cellphone and keys to several mailboxes and her truck, she sought help from a neighbor and promptly dialed 911. The Dublin Police Department is actively searching for the suspects, while the US Postal Inspection Service has offered a $150,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

Surveillance footage also captured a blue Infiniti arriving at and leaving the scene, potentially providing a lead for investigators. The victim, although physically unharmed, is experiencing anxiety and sleeplessness following the attack. She is currently seeking therapy to cope with the trauma. Despite the incident, she expressed her desire to return to her job, emphasizing her love for serving customers.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. This incident is like a dark cloud suddenly overshadowing a sunny day. Just as the unexpected robbery disrupted the peaceful life of the postal worker, the dark cloud disrupts the bright and cheerful atmosphere of a sunny day. Both events catch us off guard and remind us that even in seemingly safe and familiar environments, danger can strike at any moment.

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