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Porch Pirates Engage in Violent Scuffle Over Stolen Package in Pennsylvania

Shocking security footage has emerged capturing a violent altercation between two porch pirates in Reading, Pennsylvania. The incident occurred just moments after a FedEx driver had delivered a package to the homeowner’s front porch. The video, shared on Facebook by Kevin Lara, shows the thieves racing each other to the doorstep, both vying for the contents of the package, which were described as “very expensive” AT&T cell phones.

In the footage, the FedEx driver can be seen completing the delivery and taking a photograph of the package in front of Lara’s front door. Suddenly, a white car pulls up in the background. Seizing the opportunity, two men, one wearing a black hoodie and the other in white shorts, hastily exit their vehicles parked in front of the house and sprint towards the package.

As they reach the porch, a brief scuffle ensues, with the men wrestling over the box. One of the thieves manages to gain control of the package, but not before brandishing a knife and threatening the other individual. The victorious thief retreats to his car with the stolen loot, while the man in white shorts picks up a flowerpot and confronts him on the front lawn. Eventually, both individuals flee the scene in their respective vehicles.

Lara expressed concern for the safety of his family members, highlighting the potential danger posed by the knife-wielding thief. He questioned the state of the world in his Facebook post, emphasizing the need for increased security measures.

The Reading Police Department has been contacted for further information regarding the incident. This brazen theft bears resemblance to a recent incident involving FedEx in Columbus, Ohio, where a masked thief swiftly snatched a package moments after it was delivered to a customer’s porch.

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  • This shocking incident captured on security footage highlights the growing issue of porch piracy, where thieves steal packages from people's doorsteps. It serves as a reminder of the importance of implementing security measures to protect our deliveries and prevent such incidents from happening.

    One real-world application of this information is the need for individuals to invest in home security systems. Installing security cameras around our homes can help deter potential thieves and provide valuable evidence in case of any criminal activity. Additionally, having a visible security system can make porch pirates

  • What do you think drives individuals to become porch pirates and engage in violent altercations over stolen packages?

  • What do you think drives people to engage in porch piracy, and what can be done to address this issue effectively?

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