Police Seek Vital Clues in Canadian Woman’s Death in Sydney

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Police in Sydney are intensifying their investigation into the death of 34-year-old Canadian, Tatiana Dokhotaru. On May 26, Dokhotaru made a distressing call to police, stating she was being assaulted and her assailant was demanding money. The call ended abruptly without revealing an exact address. Despite the urgency, officers arrived three hours later, unable to pinpoint her specific apartment among the 297 units.

Twenty hours post the emergency call, Ms. Dokhotaru was discovered deceased in her Norfolk Street apartment, Liverpool, following a neighbor’s alert.

A critical aspect of the investigation is unreleased CCTV footage that shows a phone, believed to be Dokhotaru’s, being discarded from a window shortly before midnight on the day of her distress call. Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty emphasized the phone’s potential significance, believing it may contain crucial evidence. The device, an iPhone 14, originated from a significant height, potentially damaging it.

Detectives recently traveled to Canada, seeking further details about Dokhotaru’s life and contacts in Australia. Authorities are also scouring the Liverpool area for additional footage and witnesses.

In a concerted effort, State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad and Liverpool City Police have initiated Strike Force Median to delve into the events preceding her death. Individuals with pertinent information are encouraged to reach out to authorities.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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