Police Release Footage of Out-of-Control Car on Donut Tire

Police in Hertfordshire, England, have released footage of an out-of-control car to highlight the dangers of driving on a donut tire at unsafe speeds. The incident occurred in December of last year, but the footage was made public after the conclusion of the driver’s court proceedings.

The driver, identified as Jack Doolan, was operating his Ford Mondeo on the freeway with a space saver tire, commonly known as a donut tire. Despite the recommended speed limit of below 50mph for such tires, Doolan was driving at a speed exceeding 75mph. He undertook another vehicle, abruptly cut back in, and then braked and swerved across to the opposite side of the carriageway, colliding with a Ford Fiesta in the inside lane. Doolan subsequently lost control, veered back across the carriageway, and collided with the concrete central barrier. He failed to stop at the scene but was later apprehended by officers.

Chief Inspector Stephen O’Keeffe from the Road Policing Unit emphasized that the incident could have been prevented by driving within the road conditions and vehicle capabilities. He also highlighted that space saver tires are only intended for temporary use at slower speeds to reach a safe location for tire replacement.

Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported, although the owner of the Ford Fiesta experienced significant damage. Jack Doolan pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and failing to stop. As a result, he has been banned from driving for two years, ordered to complete 200 hours of community service, and faces fines of £250.

Author: CrimeDoor

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